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Greatest music ever produced!
- Bruce Lindquist
when, baby, when????????????????
- robert kubat
Hello, when will the CD/DVD's be sent out? Please respond
- Kerry Stehlik
Just listened to the interview on WTF. I really want to see this movie. Hopefully it's out soon.
- Victor
Wow, listening 2 interview on u!!!
- Zerpkitty
Been waiting for your documentary to be on DVD for 4 years. Put it on ITUNES please!
- Cesar
Incredible movie. At 12 I could tell somebody was obviously playing for Tork and Dolenz of the Monkees, and I would hear from people who had seen Gary Lewis that "They don't sound like they do on the records." But I was oblivious to most of the rest of the details of this unbelievable story. The Wrecking Crew... astounding. This documentary is superb... right up there with "Sugar Man" and Rodriguez' surreal tale. There's also a ton of great nuggets out there to be found on the internet (interviews on youtube, etc.) that did not make it into the movie (such as some hilarious stories about Leon Russell). And they should have left in the clip of the backing track for "Wouldn't It Be Nice" with the Beach Boys adding the vocals later. Four stars. Worth a thousand "Transformers." Joe Bob sez check it out. Denny, your daddy would be very proud.
- Joe Bob Heidkamp, Austin TX
Hope you can have a viewing in the Washington DC area. Many of us here would love to see it.
- Joe Roundtree
When is the DVD being released?
- Mike
I've just finished watching this movie as my best friend's father was a port of this scene and it gives me a great insight as to what was going on in my backyard. One little error in the credits, though. Let's Go was credited to Larry Duncan and Robert Duncan when it is actually Lanny Duncan and Robert Duncan.

Great work, Denny, thank you very much for this film.
- Greg
Recently met Denny Tedesco at the airport and by pure chance I learned about his dad and The Wrecking Crew . What a fascinating story about the great music of the 60's and the artists that made it happen . Best wishes to Denny and thanks to him for sharing a great story .
- john
Just saw the movie at the beautiful Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet Illinois last night and it was great. I had no idea of that side of the history of rock and roll.
- Tim Shanahan
I just finished reading the book "The Wrecking Crew" and loved it! I was so pleasantly surprised to hear Danny Tedesco being interviewed on our local radio station this morning and so excited to see this documentary! This music really was the soundtrack of my life, having grown up in the 60's.
- Rose
Can't wait for the San Carlos screening tomorrow night!!!!! Wearing my W.C. T-Shirt!
- Steve Rutledge
I would like to buy a dvd of the Wrecking Crew.I think it was done in 2008. Tommy's son did it. It had Carol Kaye and The Beach Boys, Glen C.The beach Boys and alot of kool stuff. Please let me know if this is possiable. SANDY MASSMAN
- sandy massman
Awesome tribute to your father and an engaging insight into the music business and the craft of making hits. An important piece of music history that deserves its place in our understanding and memory.
- Yvonne
May I recommend The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, New York as a great place for a screening of your film. They are "non profit," which should take care of any copyright concerns. Thank you.
- Neil Capolongo

Haven't seen a single foot as yet but .. . .. Leon Russell, the National Treasure Leon? Hell Yes ! Thanks for all the updates Denny. So anxious to finally see your Final cut. (How is a Final Cut even Possible?)
- Paul Wolf
Thanks, my late grandfather George E. Poole was a musician in the Wrecking Crew, and i have many fond memories of meeting so many talented people as a young kid going to see them all jam.
- Scott Barnes
I am a 52 year old music nut and I knew about the Wrecking Crew since my 20's. Thank you for al of the great work you did. If you can post the instruments used (I.e) Fender P-Bass, Tele, Rickenbacker, Twin Reverb etc.) that would be great.
- James Hulihan
Denny-Met you and saw film in Palm Desert CA last week. Great show-old members were a riot. Entertaining and informative. Good luck in Ann Arbor, MI
- David Gumenick
Kickstarter funding -what a travesty! The "Names" who were made names by the "Crew" should pony up.

- Paul Bartholomew
Hello Denny,
I keep on seeing these music industry movies coming out on
iTunes Like Doc Pomus AKA, and one about Arif Mardin. Is it possible one day your movie will come out on iTunes too? It would make it available to the masses.
- Fritz Souder
We went to the screening in Grand Rapids. I had never heard of the "Wrecking Crew." I is really a paradigm shift to learn that most of the music I grew up with was produced by a small and very talented group of musicians. Thanks to Denny for bringing this our way. I encourage any and all to make a screening if they can, and to support Denny's efforts.
- Quentin Reader
I was at Last night's screening in Royal Oak MI. Although I had heard of the Wrecking Crew I had no idea how music they were actually a part of. What a moving and personal storuy
- James Ryan
Hi Denny,

It was a terrific treat to be in the audience this evening for the screening of your film in San Diego. I shall never think about these songs in the same way, again ;-) Recognition of these musicians' contributions are long overdue. Congratulations!
- Sam
How do i get a copy of this video?
- carlo gaa
Hey guys, when are we going to this great film over here?! The IFI and Screen Cinemas would love to show this I'm certain, and there's lots of fans here for it! Come on over, you'll have a great time!!
- Paul English, Ireland
An incredible afternoon - thanks so much. The music was great - excellently, lovingly told story.
- sfffilllm nnnnfa
I was with a packed room at the Eitlejorg Museum in Indianapolis for the screening of The Wrecking Crew. What a labor of love!!
- Donna Weber
I was able to see the film in Indy on 4/13. Everyone should see this and know the true story behind the music scene. What a great show and what an eye opener to the studio professionals of the golden years of Rock n Roll.
- Rick Zachary
TYPO , that would be, I was too young
- michael cicero
i was too ypung to realize the influence my dad, pete cicero ,had on the careers of some of the great musicians that came out of niagar falls,ny
- michael cicero
I attended the screening in February in Palm Springs CA. Denny, I thought your film was great. What a tribute to your father and all the other wonderful WC musicians. This was a very fun evening for me and my family, also in attendance. I cannot wait to have a copy of the documentary in my hands, so I can share it with all my other fellow rock music friends. Thanks for creating this important, historic film.
- Darrell Retka
Denny I was reading an ad for Fender Basses. It said Joe Osborn played on Everybody Loves a Clown, Gary Lewis. On the session sheet i saw on this site it read that it was Carl Radle!
- Gary oldroyd
Dear Denny,
I attended the film and Q&A session last night in Napa, CA. It was a glorious evening! I loved the film and the many wonderful memories that it awakened in me. Thank you for telling this remarkable story and helping these fantastic musicians get the recognition they deserve. Can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it again and share it with friends and family.
Thank you so much for your perseverance and hard work bringing this story to the big screen. —Brent Beck
- Brenton Beck
These musicians were the unsung heros of Rock and Roll...they basically played the soundtrack for most of my life and times....Thanks to them and to you for putting a name to a face for many of us who were rocking out....God Bless you, Mr. Tedesco..
- bill white
Dear Mr Tedesco
Many many thanks for creating this wonderful film.
I live in the UK and grew up in the 60s, i remember the beach boys from 64 onwards and being spellbound at the age of 9 by good vibrations in 1966 on our transistor radio, then nancy sinatra and boots and the monkees , there was so much good music back then and it was all so different . My wife and i met the beach boys back in 1992 in sydney australia in a parking lot area where they attended an interview and i thanked them for all the good music from years past. I must now thank you and all the members of the wrecking crew for all their hard work and sheer brilliance and professionalism. I would like to think that music like that could be recreated again today without the use of computers , is it possible it could still be done ???.
There is a lot more i would like to know about the 60s music scene, do you have any more projects in the pipeline, no pun intended !.
Now all i want is to see the documentary , how do i get my Wrecking Crew dvd please.
Many thanks Malcolm
- malcolm thomas

Congratulations Mr. Tedesco, again your joyously wonderful documentary absolutely backed up the entire Loft Cinema against the wall. As much as we were so stoked about going into the movie knowing it was about to cover some of my favorite musicians ever who have created much of the soundtrack of my life. I left even much more so based on how flippin' fantastic what I witnessed this afternoon was. You have put together perhaps the greatest movie documentary ever. Here's to you,sir, on everything up to this point and all your continued work. You're an inspiration in a time when the world needs more examples and less critics. Thank you as well for personally sharing your memories with us.
I had an absolute awful time making it to the movie since my knee is broken, but I wouldn't have missed your killer doc if both my knees were broken,I was decapitated and didn't have a pulse. Your movie moved my soul. If there is anyway one can help in realizing the eventuality of seeing this DVD quicker I implore all to get involved. Hundreds of years from now, this rightly so may stand as the hallmark of all music documentaries. I think it does right now.
- Jay Alper

For all interested Dave Grol just released Sound City. It's now available Jim Keltner is in the movie.

- Ric Vice
Hi Denny, Thank you for responding back to me. I would love to attend all shows.but, i must go to the one that is closer to where i live.Modesto,would be my best choice.Los Angeles would be my first choice.I grew up with the (Wrecking Crew) and i know how wonderfully talented they are my goodness,what can i say? Music back then was memorable from Sinatra and the list goes on. I wish you all the sucess.Sincerely Donna email
- Donna Gerhard
Ever think of coming out with a CD set of the Hit Songs The Wrecking Crew played on ? Even if only those listed in the back of the book. I am sure if you put all of the songs on CD it would probably have to be some kind of Box Set. Maybe it is just not financially feasable but it was just a thought. I still have all of my original issue 45's from the years The Wrecking Crew recorded them. It was not until now that I ever knew it was many of the same musicians that played on so many of them. Until I bought the book and read it, I always associated the Wrecking Crew with the Phil Spector girl group hits of the early 60's recorded at Gold Star. Thanks so much for making the story of The Wrecking Crew known to the world. I still play my lifetime acumilation of original issue 45's from time to time.
- Bob S.
When is your documentary supposed to be out? I thought is was supposed to be out this month. I would love to see it.
- Sherry Parton
Hi Denny,

Hopefully you are back home and getting some much needed rest and relaxation!
Here is the photo that you so graciously let me take with you at the Bellingham
venue on Tuesday plus a cartoon that I feel us older folks can connect with. I still
love listening to my old vinyl records on occasion. Here's a little story that I wanted
to share with you about my early childhood and one of the reasons that this wonder-
ful music got so deeply ingrained in my soul:

It was beautiful sunny day in the summer of 1964 and I was eight years old and sitting
in the back of my parents new Ford Galaxie 500. The AM radio was playing a top 40
station out of Seattle as we cruised up the interstate towards Vancouver BC on vacation.
A song came on that really caught my attention, I couldn't quite understand all the lyrics
but it was an exciting story about speed and horsepower and the singing was like nothing
I had ever heard. When it was over the Dj said the song(which I learned later was "Shut Down") was by a group from Hawthorne, Ca. called The Beach Boys. While we were in Vancouver I was shopping with my parents in a big department store and wandered over to the record
department to see if I could find a record by this awesome group. And so, the first record
that I ever saw by the Beach Boys was in a Woolworth's in Vancouver, BC and it was called
"Surfin' USA" and the album cover was a photograph of a surfer riding down this giant, blue
wave. My parents allowed me to get the record and that started my journey into rock and
roll. Before that year was over I had collected the rest of the Beach Boys records and one by
Jan & Dean called "Surf City". I was so in love with this music and I would play these records
over and over. I had a Montgomery Ward stereo record player in my bedroom and sometimes
at night I would stack several of these albums up on the changer, turn off my light and lay down
in my bed and take these most wonderful journeys through this incredible music. And, I believe
to this day, the saddest sound that I ever heard was when the last track faded out and the needle
lifted off the record, the tonearm swung over to the rest, the record player clicked off and there was
total silence...

And, of course, years later I would about learn how the records were made and the incredible musicians
who worked on the sessions. Denny, it was such a thrill and honor to meet you. Thank you once
again for taking time out to talk with me, stand for a photo and above all else for your diligence
and hard work over all these years to put together this wonderful documentary which I feel is so, so
critical and important to our musical history. I will continue to keep an eye on your website.

I hope you and your family have wonderful holidays and I can't wait to be able to buy a copy of
"The Wrecking Crew" on DVD in the future.

Add some music to your day,
Reece Jirikowic
Port Angeles, Wa.
- Reece Jirikowic
Met you a couple of days ago at the Scottsdale screening (we drove up from Tucson)....I can't get this movie out of my truly is had a great story to tell, and you told it just right
- Garry Gassel
I saw this at the Vienna Film Festival years ago and can't believe it has not been released yet. It is fantastic film! Will it ever show in Portland, Oregon?
- Julie
Denny and all related to creating this Film,viewed your film 9/28 in S.Pasadena,Ca.From beginning to end had my full attention!I was looking forward to the film,but never anticipated how much your film would touch my heart.Like many others I grew up listening to all of this wonderful music and feel a deep intimate connection-for this was truly the musical sound tract to my life.The film draws you in and reveals the true personalities-musicians of this great and not forgotten time in music.Your love,heart and passion are felt throughout this lovely and informative film.Look forward to spreading the news about your wonderful creation and thank you for allowing me to also feel a personal connection to all of these great artist.Larry Corralez
- Larry Corralez
I am a professional editor (both documentary and scripted). I saw your film last night (9/28)at the South Pasadena public library. I am also a big fan of all kinds of music but especially popular music in the '60s when I was growing up.
You and your editor should be congratulated for doing a masterful job showing the contributions and personalities of the unsung heroes of rock 'n' roll. Memories of the music itself kept my toe tapping throughout. But I find the hardest thing to do in documentaries is to reveal the personalities and heart of the individuals on camera. Your personal connection to your dad and his work, the humor and personalities of the musicians, as well as their specific musical contributions was moving. I can't wait to own the upcoming DVD with all the outtake extras. Thank you for making this amazing movie and for inviting musicians who participated in the Q&A afterwards. By the way, I'm also a longtime customer of Atomic Records in Burbank.
- Stephen Myers, A.C.E.
When will you be back in the midwest-St. Louis area
- Mark Lang
I have never stopped bragging about this film since I saw it here in the twin Cities. Is there a list of all the music cues from the movie?
- Bill Scherer
Denny, I met you at the screening in NJ at BergenCommunity College,really enjoyed the film! I recently was speaking to someone about it and he suggested Kickstarter .com as a potential source for helping raise the additional capital you need to get the film released.. dont know if you have but thought I woould let you know anyway. And when it does get released you can do another one on all the NY session guys!
Good Luck and all the best
Bob Gramegna
- Bob Gramegna
Thank you for screening in Olympia, WA. I loved this film, and these session musicians were my heroes, once I heard of their existence that is. I hope you get the music clearances you need to bring it to a wider audience. Hard to believe that this is Danny Tedesco's first and only film, it is so well done. I defy anyone to leave the theatre without having these songs in their heads for weeks after.

- Debbie Schow
Thank you so much for the screening in Hackney this afternoon. It's a fabulous film and I'll do all I can to spread the word (& so will my mum!)
- Anne Frankenstein
Heard Denny T's interview on sirius / xm Ron and fez. Amazing, I had no idea about who the wrecking crew was or their contribution. I will be buying the DVD
- Blake T -waycross ga
I want to thank Denny Tedesco for his time and generosity at the screening of the film at Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on Saturday. The film was an amazing experience--I learned things that I, a 1960's music fanatic, didn't even know!--and it was a great honor to meet and talk to the man who made it. I hope that my interview with Denny will appear soon in Imagine magazine; I'll certainly post a message when/if it does. Until then, let me--and let us all--thank and congratulate Denny once again! (One more thing....Cher and Nancy Sinatra both looked fantastic! The woman I fell in love with, though, was Carol Kaye. How could I not?)
- Hartley Pleshaw
I just picked up my tickets for the screening tomorrow afternoon at The Grand and can't wait to see it. I must not be the only one, since I know they already sold out the evening show.
- Lance Winchell
I hope the music companies that you need to get permissions from will see the light that this film will spark interest in their catalogs!!! I would LOVE to see this film!!
- Ellen Mandel
your dad, hal, glen, everyone in the Crew needs this story told-

I've been a fan since who knows when (actually going to see glen campbell in a few weeks!! and red hal's book, and followed your dad's column in guitar player for years!)

Have you looked at trying to raise money on Kickstarter? i've seen a number of films get funded there- and you can definitely make a compelling argument for this piece- and there is definitely a group of people out there who would pitch in- including yours truly-

thanks for doing this, and good luck-


Frank Migliorelli
Rave On Productions
- frank mig
Hi, can't wait for the DVD release! I'm a studio musician too (but not of the wrecking crews's calibre!) and this has to be one of the most interesting stories in the history of pop music.
All the best in getting it released - I'm sure it'll sell extremely well.
- Andrew Knight
Hey Denny, thanks for all your primo work. Saw the film in Mpls last fall and looking forward to the DVD. You were kind enough to let me in for what I had in my pocket and I told ya I'd get ya back! So I just jumped on the bus!! Keep on keepin' on!!! GO
- Greg Overlid
Any chance for the movie to be released digitally? (ie. iTunes, via your site, etc.) and do you plan on doing screenings in England? All the best .
- Sam
RIP Davy Jones, Billy Strange, and Mike Melvoin, the last of which I only read about recently. I wasn't there when the Monkees were recording, but I'm sure Davy learned a lot from the people who played behind him and his mates. And I loved the clip where Mike talks about that distinctive organ playing on "That's Life", which is as good a legacy to have as any. And continued best of luck on getting your movie out to the public. If every Boomer who ever listened to the radiu in the 60s saw this amazing film in a theatre, you'd make enough money to release ten more. And I'm sure you have enough clips to do just that.
- paskuniag
It looks like your YouTube account got pulled yesterday. Apparently someone didn't like the trailer. I can't wait to see the whole film.
- Tom Helvey
Saw the film in Arlington Ma. last week. Amazing film. Too good for words to explain. It must be seen. Denny was also there to take questions after the showing. Can't wait to own it!!!
- EDL2525
Why don't they make music like that anymore? As a musician and songwriter I plan on seeing this when it comes out in Maryland.
- Fritz Souder
Denny, What an enjoyable movie and evening at the Camelot. We are disciples of this music and have long admired the unsung heroes. They were all so special! Thank you for your devotion and passion! This WILL be the success you are hoping for!!!
- Lauri Bono and Kal David
Denny, Thank you so much for a great evening at Camelot Theater in Palm Springs. What an incredible story....I can so see the love you have for your father and what a great talent he was. Wonderful seeing Hal Blaine and Bill Pitman. Brian and I really enjoyed being a part of the evening... It brought back so many memories through the great music.
- Jacque Wachs
As we were young fans of Rock and Roll during the late 50's, into the 60's and 70's, growing up in Vancouver, BC, we loved your film. It was a surprise to learn just how important these sessional musicians were in such a wide range of our favourite tunes. So many of our friends would love to know this wonderful story. Thanks for making this film.
- John and Susan Gloag
Denny, Thank you for bringing the superb musicianship of The Wrecking Crew to the big screen. It was an honour to be in the same room with Hal Blaine and Bill Pittman (tonight at the Camelot Theatre in Palm Springs), and I felt like your father was there in the room too. I was blown away by Tommy's "fast fingers," and the ease and joy with which he played. It was so interesting to see people like Glen Campbell and Leon Russell early in their careers - I had no idea they were studio musicians. I'm a filmmaker myself so have a huge respect for what you have accomplished with this film. Don't worry - it is going to have a life. It's such an important piece of musical history. "One brick at a time," and maybe that Angel Investor will come along. Keep working it! All the very best.
- Alyson Drysdale
If the trailer is representative, a potentially fabulous film is about to be ruined by lunatic editing into millisecond slices. Please tell me the finished article isn't like that!
- Lawrence Bailey
We need to rally and try to get HBO on board! This is a film that NEEDS to be seen by every generation. Would love to see a DVD release after the theater run.
- Joni Johnson
Can't wait to see this. Let me know if it makes it to the Boston area.
- Tom Love
Guys: Great stuff! How do I get a copy? I was in the Coast Guard with Don Peak in 65. Just left him a message and have not heard back. I may of missed info on the site. I play Tenor, or learning at an old age and having fun with it. Thanks. Tim 928-777-9524
- Tim Tuthill
I went with a buddy of mine to Bergen CCC to see the film. Drove 90 minutes through the rain from west Jersey and we were so glad we did... You have done a wonderful job and you know the Crew would be so proud to know what you created. They played on my favorite music then, and still is- The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Phil Spector, Gary Lewis, Glen Campbell, Association, Monkees, Fifth Dimension, so many more.
I'm a huge Brian Wilson guy and of course all the clips with him were especially interesting. I have listened to some outtakes, studio chatter tracks from various 1965-66 Beach Boys sessions, and you can hear Brian saying stuff to your Dad. So I knew who he was, and that he was good, but until last night, I didn't know HOW good..Wow!
I hope you will be able to release it to DVD someday soon. Congratulations again.
- Freddy
Denny, i had the utmost pleasure at attending the showing of your movie at Bergen community College last night. I was blown away to say the least. the story of these incredible musicians and all the incredible music that they were responsible for was a story that had to be told. I am a die hard Leon Russell fan and had the pleasure of meeting him in a small club in Wilkes-Barre PA. a few years back. I know that he went through some difficult times but since his induction into the R&R Hall of Fame, I believe his outlook has changed. I believe that if you approached him again that he might be a little more co-operative. Like you , he has a story that needs to be told. Thanks again for a most memorable evening, sharing stories of your father and your extended family. You have told a story that needed to be told. Thanks again and God bless you
- Tranny
Was honored to see your film last night @ Bergen Community College, New Jersey. Thank-you so much for letting us into your life and sharing this amazing story. Your father was a hoot! Am so looking forward for this to go "Public" so all can share this part of music history so little know about.
Hoping to see more DVD's especially Leon Russell's contribution.
Bless you and best of luck!! Am spreading the word!!!
- Homie
Just like to say another thanks for screening your tribute to your dad and his "extended family". It was a very emotional and moving story that needs to be told. Hopefully it won't be too long before the rest of the world gets to share in the story as I did. Also thank you for sticking around to field questions after the screening. I have always been fascinated with this story ever since I saw the Brian Wilson documentary "beautiful dreamer". Your film put it into a whole new light.

My wife, Corina put it into an interesting perspective...The Romantic Period was not called the Romantic Period until after it had passed. So perhaps just as no one really knows how many people were part of this "crew" it will most likely never be know who came up with the term "wrecking crew". It's just something that has become part of the legend. Now that you have put a human face (or faces in this instance) to the tale now perhaps people will get a glimpse into a golden age in the music business that has since been lost. Thank you again for letting NJ share in your story. Best of luck to you.
- Keith Droz
Hi Denny, I saw this film today at Bergen Community College today.. I was so enspired by your father and his "crew"! I would love the rest of the public to see this! Good luck! I will pass the word on!
- Stephanie Erd
Great night watching the film in Minneapolis last night! Well done, Denny! Best of luck with the're almost there!
- Mike Lane
Hi Denny,
I was the blind guy at the screening in Minneapolis last night.
Just wanted to say one more time how much the film meant to me.
I felt overwhelmed watching it, actually. Hearing all those songs that were and still are a part of my life in one short span of time just blew me away. The Wrecking Crew were an amazing group of people. The songs and artists were wonderful, but those players are the foundation for all of that music. They all came across as driven, creative yet very personable people who loved sharing their stories and experiences.
I don't know how you've managed to stay focused with the task of putting this together, but you can be very proud of the work you've done, and I am sure all the players are as well.
I waited a long time to see this movie, and it went beyond my expectations. I've been a musician most of my life and these people were a big influence on how I look at arrangements and quality of performance. The bar couldn't be set any higher. It's probably an overused expression but they helped create the sound track of my life. Thanks again for taking questions and being so gracious.
Bill Scherer

- Bill Scherer
Hi Denny. Just wanted to say thanks for a great experience. Reliving those amazing songs and seeing the musicians who played them was a treat. I had the honor of meeting your dad at one of his seminars--what a talent, and what a nice man. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Thanks for doing such a great job with the film--it's a wonderful tribute.
- Randy Sims
Hi Denny
I have seen your film two times now and am looking forward to a DVD and/or Blu-ray release.
I sure am hoping that the wonderful outtakes you have been posting will be extras on the final release.
This is an amizing film for any music lover.
- Matt Spero
Just wanted to share a story about your Dad.
In 1986 while attending M.I your Dad overheard me telling a pal about the gig at Disneyland that was opening due to the departure of John Jorgenson. I was lamenting that the gig required mandolin which I didn't own, so your Dad says"Hey kid, meet me in front of the school at 4 pm" which I did. Ahuge truck pulls up in front of school and your Dad's cartage comes out of it and after rooting around in the giant yellow anvil case, pulls out this nice Gibson mandolin, hands it to me and says"Good luck, kid" Didn't get the gig, but neither did the instructors who auditioned. Your Dad had never even met me. What a great man and a personal hero to me.


- Kirk Eipper
Just viewed the film this evening. What joy and great memories those songs recall. I love the scene of Tommy seeing himself in the tv and then walks away down the street. I feel that scene should be the end to the film. It is very moving: let the audience go home with that moving scene last.
- Ann B.
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I did have one great evening speaking with Tommy Tedesco around 1994. I was taking a night class at Suffolk Community College which is on Long Island and Tommy was a guest speaker there. I walked into the room early and there he was, sitting on a high stool and all alone. I have been a recording engineer since the 70's and was amazed to just pull up a chair and chat with Tommy for a good 30 min. One on one as the Suffolk Community students had no idea who this "guest speaker" was. He graciously shared his stories about people from Phil Spector to Henry Mancini with me. And his favorite engineers, "any one that makes me sound good". And then I sat down and listened to the lecture. The students didn't know who he was or what he had achieved in music history. But they sure left knowing. God Bless you Tommy, it was an unforgettable experience meeting you. I hope the movie gets in general release very soon.
- Ed Lacinski, NY
I saw the movie a while back in Copenhagen, It was the soundtrack of my youth, and I never realized that it was more or less the same guys on all these songs, not to mention the movies! It's one of the best music documentaries I've ever seen, and these guys are a real American Treasure.. Thank you for making this! Very moving and kind of sad, there were a tear in my eye when I left the theatre...
L.P. Simonsen, guitar player and singer
- L.P. Simonsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
I'm really looking forward to the DVD too. Your dad was certainly a mainstay at school. What a nice guy and what an amazing guitarist. T Cope, GIT, class of 79-80
- Tom Cope
I spent many years engineering in those great United/Western Rooms when it was Ocean Way. Can't wait for the DVD!
- Joe Schiff
Had the greatest time at your NY and Conn showing with my son CJ Lawrence (12 yrs of age) who has thoroughly enjoyed talking and revisiting the film and the information from such. Denny, you did such a great thing for helping to continue to inspire him in this quest for “guitar, guitar, guitar”… His Tommy Tedesco song book and lessons, t-shirts memorabilia; and the realization of how much work it takes, has him really in awe and determined to succeed. Your film was a great eye opening for me as his father who grew up with the very music your father so greatly “chaired” as a lead musician. It’s wonderful to relive them with you and your staff in memory of such a great person…

Charlie P Lawrence Sr.,, NYC.


Tonight was my fifth screening and the more I see, the better it gets. I've been a DJ for over thirty years and thought I knew something about music, you have changed the way I listen to just about every song I thought I knew! Thank you for sharing your Father and his colleagues with us all and for opening our eyes to who really made our favorite hits.

The love that went into making this film is evident and is a big part of what drew me in and made me one of your biggest fans!

Supporting this film and encouraging others to experience it should become a priority for anyone who, like me, makes their living entertaining people with the fruits of these musician's labors.

Fender Guitars, Capitol Records, Sunset/Gower Studios, Gold Star Studios, and every other corporate entity who appears in this film should be happily sponsoring chapters as a token of their respect for the musicians who helped make them legendary...they didn't get there alone!

Semper Fidelis,

Ken Heath
- DJKen Heath
My husband and I loved the film. I'm taking the liberty here of forwarding some URLs that may be of use in researching and obtaining a grant for the additional funding you need. I checked online tonight for these, and I hope the links work for you. All the best!;jsessionid=gBNpTGRNvXKr9klBLqcv3J4l2hWvPc72VpnWBp4tzxTlnG9ZCsKw!211168889?oppId=91233&mode=VIEW

- Raun Burnham

I am so proud and inspired by your documentary. It was so touching to see your Dad come back to life on the big screen. I can't believe MY Step Great Granpa was THE guitarist on most of the albums I love. I am so lucky to have known such a wonderful and talented man. I only wish I was able to know him while I was an adult, instead of a little kid who thought he was just Santa Claus.

I wish you lots of success and hope that you can share your film with the world very soon, so they can be as touched and surprised as I was.

Love your flower girl,

- Jamie Gold
After I looked at this site a while, I came across James Burton's name. The Robinson Film Institute in Shreveport, Louisiana screens indies, and is the home of James Burton and Joe Osborn. I hope the movie is screened in Shreveport.....
- Bob Mangham

- Bob Mangham
Was James Burton ever a member of the Wrecking Crew?
- Bob Mangham
Hi Denny!

Caught the film for the second time last week at the R & R Hall of Fame in Cleveland. I had seen it previously at the Cleveland Film Fest a couple of years ago as well. Before I go any further, let me say it is a fabulous film. My wife & I will buy the DVD as soon as it's available.

In the Q & A period following your interview, I asked about a rumor that the series of articles your father had written for Guitar Player Magazine years ago, were to be compiled into a book for publication. As a guitarist, I read those articles religiously. They were extremely inciteful and filled with practical information for the working guitarist. I would love to revisit those articles and his accumulated wisdom. I was always a big fan of your dads' work and his sense of humor. I truly appreciated his gracious sharing of what he had learned.

You asked that I follow up my inquiry with an Email that you could forward to the folks at Guitar Player, who are considering once again a compilation of that material.

So, if the good folks at Guitar Player are reading this, I certainly hope you will release that book of Tommy Tedesco articles. Any guitarist worth his salt will get more out of the book than he pays for. So please.......

Anyway, thank you for listening, and thanks again Denny, for a wonderful film.

Geoff Kelleher

- Geoff Kelleher
In 1986, while working as a life guard in Scituate, Massachusetts, I walked down the sea wall on a blue bird perfect day. I came upon four old timers on a patio just off the sea wall. They were jamming the old standard 'Sweet Gypsie Rose' -- which as a 20-year-old, I remembered only as a Tony Orlando hit in the early 70's.

These dudes had on short sleeve collared shirts, dress slacks, and did not look like the normal beach fare. Each had a strong cocktail. And THEY COULD PLAY. I sat and watched. At the end of the tune, one gent said, "He kid, you know who this guy is?" I said 'no.' He said, "it's Tommy Tedesco, the greatest session guitarist in history. He's played with Sinatra and Diana Ross. You name it. He's played it. He WAS the Monkees."

Tommy Tedesco smiled at me and said, "You play guitar, kid?" In the absurdity of my youth, and having played lead in some dreadful college rock cover bands, I answered, "Yes." Tommy Tedesco handed me his Gibson 335, and I played the rolling arpeggio from the opening to R.E.M's Box Cars. (I am actually laughing as I remember this -- it being such a rudimentary riff). I played for 30 seconds, and the guys politely smiled. Tommy said this: "I don't really play that style, but I respect it. You keep practicing."

I handed the guitar back, we made some small talk, and they broke into some MAD improve on some old Cole Porter stuff.

Funny thing is, I didn't know who Tommy Tedesco was. But I remembered his name, because it sounded like the name of a girl I knew back in high school who lived in the next town over. Her name was Susan Tedeschi. Coincidentally, she later made a bit of a name for herself in music, too. Nevertheless, I didn't forget his name.

Later in life, as I played guitar a bit more, I would bump into people who would 'educate' me about the uniqueness of the experience I had that day on the sea wall in Scituate. "You saw Tommy Tedesco Play? And he handed you his guitar? Are you messing with me?" -- the normal response.

I stopped playing seriously in my late 20's. Moved around the world. But as I got close to 40 (I'm now 45), I picked up my trusty Gibson ES 175 and started playing again because of a lesson I learned that day from Tommy Tedesco: when the body ages and the marathons of old and feats of youthful physical prowess are distant memories, the guitar will still bring a bunch of buddies together on a blue bird day for some mad, mad jamming.

Thanks, Tom, for showing me that after the lights go down, and you're off the stage, the love affair with guitar goes on forever, and so, too, the friendships you make along the way.

And Thanks, Denny, for a wonderful piece of film making.

Don Reardon, Portland, Oregon
- Don Reardon
Fantastic! Thanks for preserving music history. I'm spreading the word. This film needs to go public. Portland OR screening last night blew my mind. The DVD with the extras must see the light of day. Brilliant!!
- Bruce Williamson
Thank you so much for telling this story. I'm telling as many people as I can. This is an important story. My friend Craig and I left the theater thinking, "This was a public service." What you've done is important because it recognizes the enormous contribution of a group of people who who not only shaped our culture, but who also touched so many millions of us in ways. That this happened practically staggers the mind, man.

Count Craig, me and tonight's crowd at the Hollywood theater among a growing, passionate and vocal group of followers and zealots who will spend a LOT of time evangelizing. I'm beseeching my friends to contribute.

Again, Denny, thank you. This means a lot to me.


- Derek Stubbs
What a great film...a must for any true music fan!
- Robert Allen
is their any photos or autographs of the wrecking crew available anywhere for sale? thanks gary
- gary lagana
As a former recording engineer and studio musician, this film was a marvelous insight to an era that was so influential on the careers of my brother and I. We spent countless hours studying the sounds and arrangements on records being made on the west coast by people we mistakenly thought were young rock and rollers!!
Really! this is still not out on DVD! Thats just wrong!
- Kurtis Strange
I salute you for bringing to light the fabulous artistry of these men and their contribution to so many songs. They are truly unsung heroes. I hope a DVD of their film is forthcoming soon. God bless you!
- Richard Rarus
I've a Zildjian Cymbal Customer for about 30 yrs.,and I'm not at all surprised that they are a proud supporter of "The Wrecking Crew" film ! They're the 1st name in Cymbals as far as I'm concerned,the sounds are beautiful, the quality is superb,they're a first class Co. who realy stands by their product !I'm so happy the film is doing well,and that Denny's hard work,and dedication is being recognized ! The work of the of The Wrecrking Crew,and the loving memory of his father,crew Guitarist ,Tommy Tedesco will never be forgoten ! The WC was not only a driving force in the recording industry,and the golden age of Rock N Roll, but to music fans around the world,especialy to young Musicians like myself who learned how to play by listening to all of this great Music ! As a drummer ,I have many influences,and drummers I look up to ,admire,and learn from,but it was coming to realize,that whenI played along to CBS, 101.1 FM,a radio station here in NY,that payed hits from th 50's,60's,and,70's Iwould be playing along with The Wrecking Crew maybe 80% of the time, maybe more !I became aware of Hal Blaine,and the late Earl Palmer,there was no turning back ,I became a Wrecking Crew fan,and supporter ever since! Hal,and Earl were my mentors,my teachers,and I thank them from the bottom of my heart !Thank you Denny for a job well done ! Thank you to The Wrecking Crew,Zildjian,and to all of the films supporters,and to all involved ! Thank you to all who see,and enjoy this film,it's truly inspirationle,and a real insite to the way records were made,and about a small group of Los Angeles sessions musicians ,known as The Wrecking Crew made it all happen!! Thank you Denny for keeping it all Alive,and Kickin' Chris
- Christopher Girardi
What a great movie! What a great story! Thank you.
- Frank Magistri
Was at the Connecticut screening on 4/9/11. Denny, you did an incredible job with this film!! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing this amazing history with us.
- Steve Markowski
I LOVED The Wrecking Crew!! What a wonderful movie about the talented musicians behind the scenes who never got the credit for making some of the best music ever!
- Maria O'Toole
A wonderful experience and brought back some GREAT memories. The film captured a truly special time in American Music History. Long Live Rock n Roll and The Wrecking Crew!
- Mike O'Toole
Saw the movie at the CT. Vintage drum show Saturday night. Just wonderful!! I'd love to see it come to Boston. Such a great surprise to see Ronnie and company too! Thanks again Denny for making this movie.
- Jerome Deupree
This film has entirely changed the way I listen to the music of my youth. I was fascinated by the expertise of Carol Kaye, and found a new appreciation for Brian Wilson's ingenuity.
- Meriwether Rhodes
Delighted to be on stage singing behind RONNIE SPECTOR last night in Connecticut for the April 9 screening. Ronnie loves the film, and so do I! Christine Ohlman (The Beehive Queen)
- Christine Ohlman
I just attended the fourth screening of 'The Wrecking Crew' this past week-end in Long Beach, California. I've brought friends and family each time who have loved the film and are glad to now know the story of 'The Wrecking Crew' and how they play a part in the musical memories that they have. I so enjoy seeing and hearing of the progress the film is making and of all of the support you are getting.
- Anthony Reichardt
Sorry I mispelled Denny, Denny. And it's john Pizzarelli. Great group, playing at the Savannah Music Festival. Anyway, is Tony Tedesco part of your family?
- Nancy Cunningham
Hi, Danny: I just came from a concert by John Pizarelly and his drummer is Tony Tedesco. Any relation?
- Nancy Cunningham
My wife and i absolutely loved the film, we wished it was 6 hours longer! A wonderful heartfelt tribute to your dad and his compatriots.
- Robert Biro
Congratulations on a fantastic, heartwarming nod to the men & women who created the music so many of us grew up on ~ in particular, your father. Like millions who cut their teeth listening to Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas and Papas, The Monkees, the Beach Boys, The Byrds... I had no idea at the time that it was a team of seasoned pros laying down the tracks for the artists to sing over.

As a college musician (guitar) at Cal State Long Beach in 1980, I was made aware of this great session guitarist named Tommy Tedesco, as well as enlightened to The Truth Behind The Hits. I became an instant fan, following Tommy's monthly "Studio Log". I bought "For Guitar Players Only" and read through it several times, in equal parts to learn playing tips, and to laugh out loud at his riotous stories and anecdotes. Like most guitarists in Southern CA, I hoped to 'break in" to the recording scene, and your father became my mentor, albeit unknowingly to him. Though the dream of L.A. session work didn't happen, I can say without hesitation that Tommy's approach to playing, to the biz, and to dealing with people shaped my own path. I've been eking out a living since those college days in the 80s, with his advice echoing in my mind as I do so.

I was able to meet your father on a few occasions, and had my brief but 'shining' moment with him one evening at one of his seminars at Valley Arts Guitar Center. I had been shedding on 'sight reading' for a number of years, knowing that he liked to call guys up for a shot at it. When he asked for a volunteer, I was ready, raised my hand ~ and took my place on the stage with him. I will tell you right now that sight reading in front of Tommy Tedesco is akin to quoting Bible verses to God... just a bit on the daunting side! Your father gave me the cue sheet I'd be sight reading, and gave me a second to look it over. Ever the jokester, he looked at me and said, "You ready?" I nodded my head "Yes", and he proceeded to count in "1 - 2 - 1-2-3-4" at a breakneck be-bop tempo. He laughed loud and hard at his joke, as did I and the audience. He then counted the cue in, and I gave him a successful sight reading. Definitely one of the highlights of my music life.

There can't be any way to know just how many guitarists Tommy Tedesco has influenced, but it must be at least in the thousands. I am happy to count myself among that group, and want to thank you for keeping his legacy, and the rest of the gang's, alive with The Wrecking Crew film.
- Bill Kilpatrick
Denny, it was great fun and a real privilege to see the movie last night. It is clearly a labor of love. I enjoyed every minute from the opening montage through the final credits. Great work telling the stories of the unsung heros behind all the hits! And Ladies - Carole Kaye was rockin' and "representin' with the best of the best - a real inspiration. A tip to anyone reading this. Get front seats. You don't want to miss a second of this candid retelling of music history!
- Rita Hoffman


- Christopher Connolly
Hope this movie will be soon available on DVD for the German market. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
I saw the film last night in Brooklyn and LOVED it! Here is my review:

- Gail
Saw the film in Danbury, CT - loved it. Now living in Santa Fe, NM - would love to see again at the Santa Fe Film Festival - still hoping to buy a copy some day.
- Cathy Harvey
I will send by Fed EX with your Fed Ex # stated.
- Robert Broz
Denny, it was nice seeing and talking to you again at the screening at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland! It was also very nice to actually sit and watch instead of being worried about other Film Festival duties! That is a great story that anyone who is into music, especially music of that era, should know. I wish I could have had the chance to meet your Dad. He seemed like a really great guy and I would have soaked up as many of his stories as I could! Great work and I cant wait for the DVD release!!
- Dave Ream
Denny- thanks again for the copy of your Dad's book and thanks for the showing at the rock hall last night. This was my second, while third if your count the short version when you and Hal B. were there. It is, as you well know, a story that had and needed to be told and shared!!! congrats!
- Jim K
I hope this comes to the nations capital. I loved Hal's book from '90 and other tidbits seen here and there. But this is Must See TV for ANY musician. I still learn from their work every day!
- Dave B. from D.C.
I had the pleasure of producing "Behind The Music" episodes on both Glen Campbell and The Monkees. One of the highlights of that experience was learning from Glen and Hal Blaine about The Wrecking Crew. It's an awesome history that deserves to be told in detail.
- Paul Barrosse
I'd really love to see this film. Please don't forget Cincinnati in your screening schedule. After all, we're the home of King Records! The love I have of music is because of these great musicians who gave me some of my best memories of my youth. God bless them all!
- JP in Cincinnati
couple of odd thoughts:

> one of the best music films i've ever seen: for the revelatory nature of the subjects depicted, the personalities, the scene. it wasn't a secret per se, but it was inside the industry, and as such, there is much more that seems expository than is the case with most music flicks. man... it's just a very adept piece of work, the way the contemporary stuff is integrated with the period stuff, the use of the music, the use of the raw studio audio... the mixing of the sound is incredible. i just can't remember when i was so gassed by a music film... "last waltz"? man, forget comparisons, i think your piece has legs... it may take time, but it'll endure.

> it really illustrates some ways that a cadre of studio musicians sort of evolve into different animals from the "road dogs" we're accustomed to seeing, hearing. like here's a bunch of folks that can play, very together, and they're not "a band".... again, very illuminating.

> have you approached anyone about screening this at UNT in denton? i would think it would be well-received there, and some of the faculty have backgrounds in the studio world, probably a lot of personal connections.

> show it at the odd guitar show? the "big show" here is in april... there's one next weekend. those things are crawling with musicians, fans, all stripes.

> lastly, i bet you could get a good writeup in TapeOp mag... that's a sort of upstart mag that is operated by larry crane, a studio operator in pac nw.

probably you know of them already... but larry and his pals have published interviews with a lot of the guys in the film (eg, garrett, lee hazlewood, also b. botnick, dragon bros, et al).


really the last: jimi hendrix approach: take it to europe, get it done right there, "import" back here. probably thought of that, but what the hey?
- andrew mullin
Me and my friend Jim who went to your dad's Guitar Academy in California to study had the pleasure of meeting your dad at several of his guitar seminars here around the Chicago area. He had the neatest stories about his studio work he had done with the singing stars and their bands. Always had a funny story to tell as he was a funny guy! The refrain? modes in music were always known as refrigerator modes as he called them. Anway hope to purchase some shirts from you shortly in order to help get the word out about this movie about a tremendous talent and his friends when music really started.
- Bob Groetsema
My wife and I went to the screening in Santa Cruz last Saturday. What a marvelous job you've done. I worked with your father and Hal, (and Carol, and Glen, and, and, and . . .) when I had the singing group Harpers Bizarre (Feelin' Groovy). My singing partner, Ted Templeman and I recorded for Warners, and most of our sessions involved a sizeable number of musicians including some of the Wrecking Crew. I think Hal and your dad played on at least half of our sessions over a five year period. The photos and interviews brought back a zillion memories. We wish you all the best on getting this to the big screen. Thanks again.
- Dick Scoppettone
I want to say thank you for the great help over the last few weeks at screenings at Navy School of Music, NAMM Show & Santa Cruz's Digital Media Factory. I apologize to those that were not able to get in that night due to over booking. The event was more popular than we expected and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience it created. We learned our lesson for the next time we come back and I hope you'll be able to attend. Thanks again for your patience. Its taken us 14 years to get to this place and hope it will be out soon enough
- Denny Tedesco
I had a chance to see the film in SC on Saturday. What a truly amazing job you did, Denny. I can't wait to tell everyone I know about this film!
- Kristi Leon Guerrero
I knew I would love the film. I strongly suspected my wife would like it too. But we brought our 13-year-old son (not a musician - at least so far) who certainly didn't have the same kind of attachment to the songs that we did, having grown up on them, and he loved it too. He estimated afterward that he had about heard 40% of those songs, and the film still pulled him in. That's a testament to a great story, and to wonderful storytelling. We've all been talking about it in the days since to all of our friends, and we can't wait to see it again and again.
- Jon Leon Guerrero
Great to meet you and view your documentary. Awesome story of your father and the rest of the crew.
Look forward to staying in touch and doing what I can from the sidelines.
Let me know if you want a copy of the digitized version.
- Charles R. Woodson
congratulations on a great film! saw it in santa cruz saturday nite, and i too have been humming songs featured in it. i've been spreading the word to all my friends (and not just musicians). one suggestion about getting additional funding to help pay the licensing costs: why not ask apple/itunes to help sponsor you? i'm sure folks like me who see the film will want to buy the songs we heard, and i'm betting most will go onto itunes to do this. just a thought... best of luck with the film's success!
- becki digregorio
Last night I had the privilege to see a screening of the "Wrecking Crew" at Digital Media Factory here in Santa Cruz. What a tremendous film this is. This is a story that had to be told. So many wonderful musicians do not get the proper credit for all the songs they've played. This movie makes up for some of that. must be proud of your father and his accomplishments in music. It was great meeting your Mother also. This is one of the finest documentaries I've ever seen. I can not wait to see it again. On the way home we were singing all the songs the guys did. What an eclectic group of musicians. Thanks to Digital Media Factory for putting on an outstanding presentation. All the best to the "Wrecking Crew" documentary group. When it comes out on DVD...I'll be one of the first in line to get one and add it to my collection of music memorabilia.
- Vince Tuzzi
A wonderful wonderful, touching, look into a very special time. Everyone should see this film. I'll be carrying this with me for some time as well as passing the word! Looking forward to more screenings with the ultimate goal of world-wide distribution/domination!!! Thank you Denny!
- Denise Mello
Just watched your flick at the Digital Media Factory and wanted to tell you what an incredible piece of work you have created. I am watching my son take his first steps as an adult in the world, as an artist(writer and musician). I came away with the sense that this is a seriously important piece of work and one that will be seen as definitive many years into the future; it is a story that very much needed to be told and you have done it superbly. I think I told you at DMF that you have the same gift for film that your dad obviously had as a musician and know that he would be enomously proud of the work you have done - that from my perspective as a young-ish father of a kid that has chosen another meduim than I did - talent obviously runs deep in your family and it was an honor to meet you and to see your work. You have demonstrated huge courage to make the film, incredible tenacity to stay with it for 14 years, and a love of your father and the music he helped create - that is a gift to future generations and I can attest to that because my now 19 year old kid is making me listen to it all over again to my eternal joy. I can not wait to turn him on to this film Denny - he is going to dig it to the moon. Ed Martinez
- Edward Martinez
Just watched the film at the Digital Media Factory in Santa Cruz. Thank you Denny, thank you Ginny...most of all, thank you Tommy. Awesome!
- Celina
Seeing The Wrecking Crew at NAMM started the best day at NAMM I've had in 20 years. At home I watch a music documentary every night, and TWC was among the best I've seen. For me, it matched the Tom Dowd and Standing In The Shadows of Motown films. The common thread in these films are the uncovering and acknowledgement of the engines of the music business - the spark plugs without whom there would be no business. I was deeply moved, and look forward to bringing the film to Seattle.
- Steve Turnidge
The movie was AMAZING. I am a huge fan of Standing in the Shadows of Motown, but The Wrecking Crew movie absolutely blew me away. I can't wait for the DVD to be released to view all of the additional scenes, and to share with all of my musician friends. My son Nick and I thoroughly enjoyed every scene, story and anecdote. As a young professional bassist working in L.A., I was glad Nick was able to view the history of the L.A. recording scene and get to know the forefathers of the industry that he has chosen.
- Chris Maury
It was a privilege to see the film at the NAMM Show. While I was certainly expecting to see a well done documentary about some very special musicians, I was not expecting to be sobbing and overcome with emotion the way I was when I saw "The Wizard Of Oz" as a child. "The Wrecking Crew" is one of the most heartfelt and excellent works in any medium that I have ever experienced. Big kudos to the gifted Denny Tedesco and his highly talented team!
- Jeff Ganz
My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the NAMM show. What a treat! It made be grateful and proud to be musician.

I was at GIT in the early 80s and heard Tommy speak several times. I loved this stories and naively dreamed of becoming a studio musician.... Unfortunately the days of "real" musicians making "real" music in studios, for the most part, is long gone.

Thanks for the memories and honoring those great players.
- Craig Brandau
Seeing this film was the highlight of NAMM for me this year. Thank you so much Denny, for your years-long effort of tribute to your dad, and all the fantastic musicians who gave their creativity and passion to make the music we love so much.

My favorite segments were the "fade-ups" on individual musicians where you see them jamming with headphones. At first you think "What are they doing?" and then the full track fades up and you realize "Oh yeah, it's THAT song!" The standouts for me were the drums on "A Little Less Conversation" and the smokin' bass line on "Let The Sunshine In."

Lastly, every moment of Carol Kaye's screen time is like a present on Christmas morning. If all she ever did was to supply the iconic bassline for "The Beat Goes On," she'd be worth her weight in gold. But of course, she's given us so much more; a musical national treasure.

I hope this most deserving film gets to see the light of day soon. Best of luck,

Tony Sandell

(drummer of the PlusTones!)

- Tony Sandell
> I can't wait to see this DVD. I'm 62 years old and have been playing drums for over 46 years. Hal Blaine is one of my heroes. I think I probably own almost all of the wrecking crews tunes from the 60's or at least all the hits.
> When will the DVD be released?
> I know it'll be great so I'll thank you now for creating this.
> All the best,
> Ernie Cavallin
> BTW I have a few videos on you tube and you will see my drumming style is very much influenced by Hal Blaine. Also I have two drumming daughters aged 24 and 26 who also love Hal.
- Ernie Cavallin
Hope you get this out soon. It is an important film that documents an incredible group of musicians and the countless hits they played on.
I had the great fortune of working with the best studio musicians in Toronto during the 70s and they are truly the unsung heros of the music business.
Kudos to you Denny for a fantastic film that I hope more people get to see and enjoy.

- Frank Morrone
Hi Denny - still having great memories of the NAMM 2011 screening. This site is incredible! My favorite part is the AFM contract scans. I love being able to see exactly who played on these songs. Thanks to you, Damon, all the musicians and technical crew who worked so hard to make it!
- Mike Powers, Las Vegas, NV
Had a wonderful week showing the film to the Navy in Norfolk and then gave a debut at the NAMM show. Great audiences. Hoping to be in Toronto soon. Maybe in March. Just need to find a sponsor to help us with a fund raiser. We'll be in Santa Cruz on Saturday. Look forward to meeting the folks that come out. Take care.

- denny tedesco
does anyone know if there will be a screening in Toronto?
I've been waiting for this movie to become available on Netflix.
- Brendan Buckley
Denny thank you and the Armed Forces School of Music for letting us view your movie. I have not stopped talking about it. Looking forward to buying my oun copy when it is released.
- John Sires, Norfolk,Va.USA
I can't think of any of the tunes discussed in the film that I don't have in my collection as well as my teenage memories. I am a lucky man. I live in Santa Cruz, CA. I have the Pacific Ocean as a neighbor. Next week, if everything still works, I'll see a screening of the documentary. Life is good! :)!
- John B. Krug
When are you going to release this movie, It is ridiculous how long this is taking
- Jimmy O'Donnell
I saw the screening of your film in Barcelona a couple of years ago, and I can't believe there's no DVD in sight yet. People have to see this! Have you thought about a subscription among interested people? I'd gladly pay beforehand to help the release happen.
- V. Lopez, Barcelona, Spain
My wife and I saw the film last night and all we can say is "FANTASTIC". It is a film for everyone who likes music and who does not? PBS and History Channel--you are missing the boat. Great documentary film making at its best. Thank you.
- john moffett
Thank you for telling the story behind the music that I have listened to my whole life! I really enjoyed the movie and I hope to see it coming out on BluRay soon!
- Thomas Horner
Just saw the movie today in Norfolk, one of eight civilians joining the Armed Forces School of Music folks this afternoon. Wow! I read Hal Blaine's book, but your movie really brought the whole scene to life. Wish you would contact the Naro Cinema, an independent theater here in Norfolk. They would love this! Check out and the Naro's Facebook page. And thank you for making this tribute to all of those brilliant, unrecognized musicians.
- Nancy Chapman
Thanks for the notes. To answer a few of the notes. Leon Russel was a major part of the era but Leon declined to be interviewed. I tried for 12 years. I was bummed. PF sloan was a great writer with Steve Barri and wrote many of the great classic hits that Lou Adler's company was involved in. Also on Eve of Destruction. Check it out in Steve Barri Out-take. Please tell others about the site. Lets heat it up.
- denny
It was really great to meet you three years ago at the film festival at the ArcLight in Hollywood. It was a night my friend Jude and I won't forget. These guys were a huge part of the youth of anyone who grew up in the 60s.
- Bill in Colorado Springs
Hi Denny! I met you a couple of years ago with Claire at a screening. I'm glad to hear you're still keeping this ball in the air. I've been encouraging my musician friends to find a screening. I wish I could make it to the NAMM screening but I'll be working. All the best!
- Peele Wimberley
The soundtrack of my teenage years has been put on film. I was fortunate to have seen a screening recently, after waiting patiently for over two years. It's a great film, beyond even what I expected. Denny has created a beautiful tribute to his dad, the great Tommy Tedesco, and indeed all the amazingly talented and prolific musicians known as the Wrecking Crew. Thanks Denny!
- Bill Galante
My musical mates and I up here in Ottawa (Canada) are dying to get our hands on the DVD.
- Ian Hammond
It's just amazing hearing all the songs together that these people worked on. Being a fan of the non-hits as well, I wish there were a list of song they worked on that were great and NOT hits too! A great show for sure. Was PF Sloan a part of this group ever? Good luck and my check was in the mail a year ago!!
- Clark in Lincoln
I would love to buy a DVD of the film
Sherri and I recently met Carol Kaye and
Don Peak
- Vic Radulich & Sherri Smiler
I saw the film about a year ago in LA and thought it was great ( reviewed on my blog )
The DVD as well as a CD of just the music track will make a great gift as well as a treasure to own. I am rooting for you to get it out.

- Michael Blumenfield
Doing a great job job spreading the word, Denny. Hope to see you in Charlotte one of these days.
- RayO
We sure hope that the film comes out on DVD soon, or that there's a showing in the Phoenix, AZ area some time in the future.
Thomas C. Gebheim

- Thomas C. Gebheim
I just can't wait until you've accomplished your goal and finally get this wonderful project released to the general public. Have you thought about pre-selling the DVD? Might generate the needed funds! I'd anti up in a heart beat. Best wishes for completion. Thanks for your mammoth effort.
- Ron Sansone
I was able to see the film in Wichita, Kansas last year and it was fantastic. I can't wait for the DVD to come out. I will be first in line to buy it. If the film comes close to you , go see it. It is well worth it.
- Jim Woods
- Thomas
You ought to show this in Niagara Falls (or Buffalo) considering where your dad was from! (Or did I miss it?)And maybe do a little promotion here about Joey and segueing to the entire project...probably few people here have even heard of him, or the crew, or any of it. Except for those "in the know" of course!!!
- Rick Benstock
Please bring this to Florida. Yeah. Why no Leon ?
- Dr Ron Grassi. Jupiter, Florida.
Keep plugging Denny. Hopefully it makes its way back to Canada again sometime in the future!
- Ron in Calgary
- David Seal
Hi Den,
Any chance of a Chicago screening this year?
- David Orr
Why no mention of Leon Russell?
- Janny Hokett
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- Denny

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